Friday, May 9, 2014

May 9: Phinally Done!

Well, today, I graduated!  The ceremony was long and it was for all the master's and doctorate degrees.  As part of the ceremony, your major professor (Dr. Cooper) and an assistant (a dean) help hood you on stage.  The man was talking about my 'entourage' who clapped and cheered (briefly) even though they were asked not to.  Seriously, it's the quietest ceremony you will go to.  They ask that you don't cheer as to not cover up the name of the person behind you.  For the most part, even when people do applaud or cheer, it is very brief and respectful of those names being read next.

Here are a couple other photos from the day (off my phone, the real ones still need to be uploaded from my camera and resized before anything can be done with them.

The group of us from our program: me, Phil, Matt, Ginny (my cohort), and Sheree
The stop in party food table!
Check out the cute cupcakes & grad hats we made!

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