Friday, July 23, 2010

Check List Bust

After getting (mostly) settled in my apartment, and the fam is gone, I have a hefty checklist to accomplish. Today, I decided to:

*tackle the bus system
*turn in my HR forms: so that I can begin my assistantship
*get the ISBNs for my fall books (from the bookstore): so that I can purchase them cheaper elsewhere
*get my ID card
*enroll for my health insurance: needed to talk with HR about this

Now, before I get to the checklist, let me say I am loving my apartment location. It is within walking distance to my classes and literally 30 feet away from the bus line I will take to my assistantship. Con. ven. ient. Another blessing!

I did my research on the bus schedule. Planned my route. Got off where I thought I was suppose to be. Wrong.

Walked around, waited in the heat, and got back on the bus.

Upon arriving at the bookstore (and right across the way from my assistantship), I tried to get my ID card. Apparently, I can't get one until August 2nd. Bust.

Then I went to the bookstore and tried to find my books. Many of them weren't there, so I was only able to get the ISBNs for a couple of them. Bust.

I got back on the bus and headed to HR to turn in my paperwork. When I arrived I found out the system is now online and I have to contact the grad office for some number to register with. Bust.

And last, but definitely not least, I talked with the woman about enrolling for student insurance. I apparently can't do that until I have an ID card...but I think I may be able to find my way around this one. But for today...bust.

I did, however, find the bus ride around the campus enjoyable, found myself laughing at myself on more than one occasion, and I learned a bit more about the routes I should and should not be taking. :)

I am grateful I have another whole week before I have to start work.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Weeks of Whirlwinds

It's crazy to think that two weeks ago tomorrow (Friday) my sister flew into Austin to begin the adventure to Georgia.

I went down to Austin a little before her plane was to arrive in order to meet up with Trey (former colleague) and Dave (former supervisor). It was great to visit with them and I can't wait to fly into Austin for my Waco visit and (hopefully) get to see them.

There isn't a trip planned yet, but probably sometime this semester.

Anyway...after visiting with the two of them and finding out my sister wasn't going to get in until later than expected, I headed to my favorite coffee shop. A few hours later, we were headed back to Waco.

Saturday we hung around the house during the day and went tortilla tossing that evening; yes it's true, I had not yet been tortilla tossing (final thing to check off the list)
I had mixed feelings about tortilla tossing. 1. it's a tradition, so you must do it. 2. it's a waste of food. 3. the ducks will at least benefit. 4. it's a tradition, right?!

Anyway, my feelings of my own wastefulness (and our bag of 10) were soon out-shadowed by a group of 10 young women. They each came out with a bag of 50 (one or two each). This was the display from their tortilla tossing experience, and by the time I snapped this, there were already an equal number in the water on the other side of the bridge.
Sunday we went to church, then met up with Sarah for some cafe cappuccino action. Sarah had already met my sister when Sarah and I made a trip down to Portland after NASPA last year :)
My sister is a tea snob. She LOVES tea, and well...they gave her a gallon of it at cafe cap! None of us had seen it come in this fashion before.
Sunday afternoon we went to the pool. It was a wonderfully relaxing time! My sister hadn't seen the sun in ages (as she's from the pacific northwest).
Sunday night we met up with Megan for some dinner and dessert. We went to a few places looking for starbucks ice luck. But we did find some fantastic alternatives.
Monday, we packed the uhaul with the help of some peeps (Thank you Tim, David, and Megan; we couldn't have done it without you!). Then off to the airport to pick up my dad.
Side note: I have been so blessed during this move. Many people have helped in some way or fashion. For example, I had TWO people offer me their cars to tow the uhaul. Since one car already had a tow-hitch, it was the winner of the trip to GA. Thank you Shelton! That alone saved me about $800. Again, amazing. God provides in big and small ways!

Monday night we had dinner at my favorite Mexican food place, altos de jalisco and coffee at CG. This was a wonderful time for my family to interact a few of my friends...and for me to say goodbyes.

Thus far everything seems to be going as planned.

But what's a move without some drama, right?!

Well, Monday night, we go to hitch everything back up and notice that the running lights on the uhaul aren't working. Great. So I call the uhaul emergency number and they send someone out. It was actually pretty quick, however, at almost 10pm when you have to be on the road by 4am, nothing is ever 'that quick'. At a little after midnight, the uhaul mechanic had gone through a few cigarettes, a trip to Wal-Mart for a tool, had redone the wiring, and finally had the running lights working.

We were off to take naps (as you can't truly constitute a few hours of sleep as anything more) for the 3am wake up. We were up at 3ish and packing the final items by 3:45. At 4:30am, we were pulling out of the parking lot.
But again, things can't be that easy. As I drove out of the lot, there was a sound.

Oh it was a bad sound. Like metal on metal.

Thinking it was the uhaul again, I began to mentally curse the uhaul shop that rented me this POJ (piece of junk). As we pulled into the gas station, my dad decided to run alongside the uhaul and listen for the noise.

Unfortunately, it didn't seem to be the uhaul but rather the vehicle. Knowing that Shelton had recently replaced his front breaks, and not knowing what was wrong, we headed to his house to see if we could figure out what was wrong.

So at almost 5am, we were knocking on his door.

After a few trips around the block with the uhaul, it was certain it was the back passenger side and that something was rubbing. They (my dad and Shelton) unhitched the uhaul and raised the vehicle to look at the back breaks. After comparing both sides they realized that whoever did the breaks last (prior to Shelton owning the car) had not replaced the bolt that held the caliber in place, thus when I stepped on the breaks (with all the extra tow weight) the caliber would get thrown forward and rub against the inside rim.


Easy fix, right? Just go get another bolt.

So we hung around until 7:30 when auto places opened. Had some breakfast, and waited more. At 7:25, they headed off to get the bolt. At 8, they were back, but unfortunately, with the wrong bolt. So they were off, again. At 9:30, I called my dad to see what was taking so long. Apparently, neither auto place had the right bolt, they tried an auto pull place with no luck, the chevy dealership could get the part in 4 days, so headed back to the auto place to get the most similar size bolt. Nervous.
But it worked, and at 10:30am, we were on the road and headed for Georgia. Only a six hour (ish) delay.
Tuesday we drove to Moody, AL and arrived in Georgia on Wednesday around lunch. WOOHOO!

All in all, once we were on the road, we had no hiccups. And besides, what's a good moving story without some drama. Ha.

More updates to come!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Grandpa Update

Last Friday my grandpa went in for a PET scan to determine if the cancer had spread. If it had they were going to cancel the surgery scheduled for this coming Monday. The doctors said if they didn't hear anything, that it meant the surgery was a go.

On Thursday, my grandpa went in for a blood transfusion as the cancer is causing him to loose blood. Still no word on canceling the surgery. No news is good news.

Well, yesterday they let him know that there was something unusual about the scan and that they want to do a biopsy of his lymph nodes before they remove the cancer.

So on Thursday, they will do a biopsy and then determining a course of action.

I'm not even sure how to pray. Selfishly I want him around for many more years, healthy years. So I pray for healing and wisdom for the doctors. But I don't want him in pain. And I know that this is part of life. No one lives forever. So I just pray that God uses any outcome.

It just sucks.

Monday, July 5, 2010

100th Post!

I thought about posting 100 random quotes, nah. I thought about posting 100 facts about myself, nah, too narcissistic.

So how am I going to commemorate this?! ...

Coincidentally, I've been sending out Hello & Goodbye emails for a portion of my day today. Letting people know that I'm leaving (in case they didn't) and giving them my contact information.

In doing that, a former CL had emailed about something else...and we are trying to reconnect before I leave. She didn't realize I was leaving and it made me realize that without facebook, I have lost touch with some people. Again (as in my previous post on facebook thoughts) this is okay, but I realize that as I approach this transition, I'm going to get back on facebook for the purpose of keeping in touch (and letting others know about my whereabouts/happenings).

So for my 100th post...I'm letting you, my little world know that I'm rejoining the world of the web (it sounded better than facebook). :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Waco Water Park

Waco has a water park, that's right folks. It's not much to write home about.

2 slides (1 good one, 1 dud)
lazy river
toilet bowl
spray things
lap pool

It was, however, something on my bucket list for Waco. So last Saturday, Meg and I headed to the park for a fun-filled afternoon. It was fun, in part because of the one good slide, in part because I LOVE water, and mostly because I got to spend an afternoon with Meg.