Tuesday, November 30, 2010

T is for Thankfulness

And T is for Texas.  I spent a wonderful week in Texas for Thanksgiving this year.  I could  have never imagined five years ago, that I would be happy, even excited to return to Texas...but that's another blog post.  

I arrived in Texas early Saturday morning (almost a week before Thanksgiving).  A few of my former students were up in Dallas celebrating a birthday, and offered to pick me up.  It was such a blast to hang out with them all day! 
Gretchen, Allison, and Kalie...the three musketeers.  Their friendship began last year on staff and I was not only excited to see them, but to experience their craziness again! LOVE them!
We had a wonderful time in Dallas, until a few of us got sick from lunch.  It was less than pleasant.  That night I met up with more Baylor friends at the football game.  Unfortunatetly, I am beginning to think I'm the bad luck charm.  Baylor football began winning when I left, and UGA football began loosing when I came.  :/

Anyway, it was a great time to catch up with some of my Baylor peeps. 
Lisa, Ryn, and me

Sunday was church with Lisa, and then Cafe Cappuccino with Sarah and Tiffanie.  I LOVE the two of them, and LOVE Cafe Cap!  My favorite, banana pecan pancake, yumm.
Sunday, was fairly low key and spent time hanging out with friends, watching movies, and just being in the presence of people who really, really know me.  What a wonderful thing for my spirit!

On Monday and Tuesday (day) I spent time at my favorite coffee shop, visiting with friends over Common Grounds coffee. :)

Monday & Tuesday (night) I went to the Baylor Basketball games (men & women).
 Sarah and me at the women's game.
Shelton and me at the men's game.

I spent Thanksgiving day with my favorite Ecklund family!  I have missed this family and their friendship, tremendously!
Selah (above) enjoyed her frosting covered cookie!  And as an early Christmas gift, Gianna and Selah got pink, glitter, Toms from their grandparents.
They are growing up so fast, but it was such a delight to spend Thanksgiving with this wonderful family!

Friday morning, Ryn and I decided to tackle black Friday (again).  We arrived five minutes before Target opened (similiar to last year), however, this time the line wrapped around the building and snaked back and forth.  It was almost twice as long, and Target opened an hour earlier this year.  We hit a few other stores after Target, then breakfast, then nap time.  It was fun to share this memory with Ryn again!
Ryn and I braving the cold.  When I arrived in Waco it was almost 80 degrees.  Then Thursday, a cold front came in...just in time for Thanksgiving.  It actually made it feel a bit more like a true November.
Friday night I was on the plane headed back to Georgia.  Although there was part of me that was ready to leave (simply ready to be sleeping in my own bed), all of me was thankful for the amazing time I got to spend with such dear friends!