Thursday, July 5, 2007


for the last few days I've been trying to rearrange my apartment (again). it's a bit out of control. after moving everything to the middle of my room, it's hard to find the right 'spots' for things again. but fortunately, my bed has found its way back to my bedroom, woohoo! as for other things that have been going on. Charity moved in on Sunday. I like her already. oh, something random! her friend who drove from California to Texas with her was actually born and raised in Stockton. crazy?! she graduated from high school the same year I did, however, she went to bear creek, so I tried naming numerous people she should have known. no luck, but I'm determined to find someone we both knew. also, in regard to Charity...on Monday after locking her door and getting ready to take her friend back to the airport, she lost her keys. on this key ring were her apartment keys, her housekeeping key, AND the master key for all the buildings. we have been frantically looking everywhere, calling everyone who has a lost and found...everything. so if you could be in prayer that these keys are recovered, and soon. it's been stressful for her and it makes for a really tough first impression. thanks!

in other news, fourth of July was yesterday! :) we had a nice barbecue with a lot of the staff, it was great fun. that was until one of the little ones (2?) slipped off the step in the pool and went under. two of us were in the pool and as she went under her dad and sharia both saw and jumped in to get her. it was quiet a feat, the two of us in the pool wouldn't have been able to get there any faster. she was fine, she was barely under for but a second or two, but what a scare! she was fine and even got back in the pool (a little later). the rest of the night was uneventful.

that's it for now, my plans for the rest of the week (minus work stuff) are to get my apartment back in order! woohoo!