Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Excited Face!

Last weekend was exactly what I needed for my spirit!  My friend Tiffanie had been at a new professionals conference in Atlanta at Emory and planned to stay through the weekend and visit me in Athens! We had a good time roaming through Atlanta, walking around Emory's campus (beautiful), driving through four other colleges (some accidental and some on purpose), touring UGA, watching a movie, introducing Tiff to FRINGE, enjoying a leisurely Saturday morning which involved favorite coffee (from Common Grounds) and chocolate chip pancakes.  Leisurely mornings are my favorite, especially with a favorite friend!

Here are some pictures from Tiff's visit!

Tiff LOVES the Olympics so we visited centennial park.  Below are the Olympic rings that shoot up water.  The kids were having a BLAST.  Tiff was not so sure about it. :)  I tried to convince her to join in in the fun. Ha.
Tiff next to the torch! They're huge! She kept asking if I could get someone to turn them on for her.  Oh how I missed Tiff's face! :)
Tiff could total be in the Olympics. Maybe for long distance running?
So centennial park had all sorts of 'quilts' in remembrance of the Olympics.  This one was definitely the most, unique.  Can you pick out Tiff?
After visiting centennial park we headed to CNN.
We found Kenn Star on the CNN highlights board.
Tiff with her President (of Baylor).

Some nice lady asked if we wanted a picture together! Yay!
We just had to find a picture of Anderson Cooper, Tiff's favorite.  Here she is imitating his face in the picture.  They say imitation is the highest form of flattery.
This is as close as we got to seeing a flame.
The next two pictures are random! As we were walking around downtown Athens, we stumbled across this...the spirit of Athens.  Just so strange and very random.
When we were walking around UGA and downtown, I had a brilliant idea.  Well...I think it's brilliant.  Uga's are present all over town, some have glasses, others are painted with outfits, etc.  I've thought it would be fun to get some pictures (at some point) with some of these clever little uga's.  (this is where my brilliant idea comes in) I've decided that when people come to visit, we find a uga dawg and get a picture.  This also means that my dad, sister, mom, and Megan will need to come back for another visit so we can grab a pic with an uga. :)

Tiff humoring me! :)
I was so grateful for the time with Tiffanie!  This year has been full of transitions and it was so nice to spend the weekend with a dear friend!  I miss her face!

Ps. for those of you who don't know Tiff, first, you're missing out, and second, she loves and frequently uses the word face! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nashville, TN

During Easter weekend...I know, I know, that was awhile ago, Megan and I met up in Nashville, TN to explore the wonders of the city.  So what was the first thing two student affairs people do when they meet up in Nashville?  Head to Vanderbilt!  Upon arriving, we found parking in the admissions lot.  In order to park there, we needed a pass.  So it was off to the admissions office.  After talking with the admissions people about my interest in a PhD in higher education...we received our parking pass. :)  Here are some pictures of the campus, it's beautiful.
Megan and I with our parking pass, yes, we were a little sneaky.
Our hotel was across the street from the Gaylord Opryland Resort, so we decided to walk on over after our tour of Vanderbilt. 
I could not have imagined what the inside of this hotel would look like, absolutely magnificent!
Here is the map, yes, you need a map to find your way around all the gardens.  If you haven't been there, it's incredible.
Many water falls inside the gardens.
The next morning, Mega and I got up and visited the Pancake Pantry.  I had sweet potato pancake.  Absolutely fabulous!

 We then hit up the city, a park, and a green festival.

Just taking a break and enjoying the sunshine and warmth. Megan doesn't get much in Ohio (warmth).
Oh, and it was windy.
We also visited the Grand Ole Opry.  How can one visit Nashville and not go to the opry house.
Yep, we're that cool...or we just bought tickets for the tour. :)
The floodline for the May 2010 flood in Nashville.  I realized it was bad, however, this was a implausible.  The picture below this one is Megan standing next to the line, just for context.
As part of the tour, we got to stand on the stage and the tour guide took our picture!  The circle on the ground is from the original opry when it first began...kind of a neat piece of history (even for this non-country fan).
That night Megan and I went country line dancing.  We left our purses in the car, thus, no pictures.  However, this was taken before we left.  Oh how I miss country line dancing.  Yes, this non-country loving music girl does love line dancing...or any other kind of dancing!
As usual, Megan and I found a fun coffee shop, ugly mugs.  We had coffee there before heading back to our perspective homes.  And if you are asking the question I was...yes, they do serve the coffee in ugly mugs!
As we headed home, gotta get some coffee to go!
Not sure where we'll meet up next as we've now explored Knoxville and Nashville.  Maybe we'll actually have to make visits to each others homes (Oxford, Ohio & Athens, Georgia). :)