Thursday, August 27, 2009

Move-In Tradition

Sarah and I attended the second annual Chili's run after the move in feasco. Last year, I took Sarah out to Chili's after move-in day(s). We shared a fabulous dessert, priceless memories, and a thousand stories. We became fast friends that night and began a bond that has lasted (a whole year thus far). :)

Well, this year, after move-in day(s), we headed back to the spot where it all began...Chili's.

Again, it was a fun time of memories and laughter. We reminised that it couldn't possibly ONLY be a year ago that we were siting in the same place swapping stories.

Who knows what this next year will hold, but I will treasure these memories!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Crazy Staff

My staff is hilarious! They consistently crack me up. Whether it's the constant singing (which I LOVE and gladly join in), the rollerblading down the hall to stick up door tags (they asked and it was before residents were here), or the dart game which I've had to permanently ban from my apartment (otherwise we'd never get anything done), they make me laugh! Another great thing about them is that they know when to be serious. We've had some great moments thus far and I anticipate more to come! I am thoroughly impressed by them and am excited to see what God is going to do through this staff this year!

One night we went on a surprise excursion to one of my favorite spots in Waco. They were such good sports, even though many of them aren't fans of the 'outdoors'. Additionally, Allison taught us all how to skip rocks on the lake. There was a great competition and at one point everyone skipped a rock or two.
Now my staff isn't perfect, no one is, and there will definately be things we will all work on, individually and collectively, but I'm excited to walk this next year with this crazy group!
From left to right: Eric, Omari (resident chaplain), Will, and Jack
From left to right: Andrea, Kalie, Gretchen, Allison, and Kala

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One Week Anniversary

This update will be quick (ish). I'm tired, it's late, and I have a lot to do to prepare for move-in on Tuesday (yikes).

My staff reminded me tonight that we've only been together for a week. Tonight we celebrated our week anniversary by going to the lake and then to the Frozen Yogurt place.

I love my staff. They crack me up! Additionally, they are bonding in ways I couldn't have even hoped for.

I'll blog more later about them and this upcoming year...

But for's a video of a couple of my staff members. Essentially, one of the women is doing a "Dawson's Creek" bulletin board since we live in Allen/Dawson and I tried to catch them as they sang to the karaoke version of the Dawson's Creek theme song.

I do have another version where they 'performed' for me... but that too will have to wait for another day!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fresh Start

Well, it's been awhile.

Why, you ask?

Summer Institute (SI).

What is SI?

Three weeks of training prior to my CLs (otherwise known as RAs) arrival. Yep, three weeks. So needless to say, my life as I know it is not my own. Things have been more crazy than I thought they would be considering I'm starting my 5th year at Baylor. But I have more responsibilities on my plate as well. Additionally, I take a lot of joy in helping the newbies. So some of this I fully take on myself, and I enjoy it, mostly.

I've been a bit stressed out recently b/c I cannot seem to get ahead. And I am frustrated with myself that things I would like to have had done weeks ago, aren't.

Additionally, I had this brilliant idea last week at 10:30pm to rearrange my apartment. Why?! 1. I like change when I can control it :) 2. A friend posted this cool website on her blog and I wanted to be crafty/creative And 3. I was frustrated that the smallest room in my house was designated as the living room. So with sweat, nearly tears, and a few prayers, my house is now in order and I am loving it!

A picture is worth a thousand words (or so 'they' say). But I don't think the pictures alone will explain this madness.

Below is my front room (it's the room right off my lobby entrance). This was the living room before (and yes, I took the before pictures at Christmas)
I'm not sure if this gives you a good visual representation, but the room is pretty small (esp when you put a couch in it)!
This is the after picture taken today. The front room has now become my reading room. It's cozy, comfortable, and ... cute!
My second bedroom (the middle room) was previously my reading room (here is the before).
And the after picture is below. The middle room is now my bedroom. Although I thought it may be awkward to walk through my bedroom to get to my 'living' room, my friends have assured me it's not (or at least not 'that' awk). Besides, my friends and my staff will be the ones who most frequently use the back living room and if I don't care, they shouldn't either :)

Oh and when I lived in North Russell, I was used people walking through my bedroom to get to my can't expect too much privacy if they live-in.
And finally, my former bedroom (look at how big that room is...)(before)
is now my living room... (after)
I'm so happy with the transformation. But it wasn't easy. And at 10:30pm, one doesn't think to ask for help. Although there were many struggles in moving furniture the biggest feat would have to be the couch. I moved that sucker from the front bedroom through a funky door frame/hallway area into the middle room (fought to move the bed around) and finally made it through the second door frame and into the back room. Phew. Reliving that makes me tired. At one point, I had to take a door off in order to get the couch through on it's side (ish).

To make this situation more ridiculous, I had forgot that we were doing tours of everyones homes as part of summer institute. I had six days from start to finish to get my house in order. What was I thinking?! Thing was, I wasn't. However, I am so happy with the new transformation and the fresh start, both to the year and to my apartment!

Random side-note: the door I removed was too heavy to put back on by myself, so when we did the walk-thru I had two wonderful guys who agreed to put the door back on for me (phew!) and THANKS Peter and Kenny! Without you my door would have remained ... somewhere other than on the hinges. :)

Well, that's it for now. My staff arrives this weekend, so I'm off to finish things...the to-do list just never ends :)