Saturday, September 26, 2009

Water Skiing

It's been a couple weeks since I've updated my blog. Here are some of the highlights from the last few weeks.

Labor Day Weekend!
Hung out in Austin
Watched Baylor win the first football game of the season
Visited with a friend from OR
Hanging out with the Ecklund's
BJs tradition
LEAD retreat
and last but definitely not least...

Water Skiing!

Yes, that's right! I tried/learned how to water ski! It was a blast. I'm hooked. I love, love, love the water and am so excited to try it again!

One of the chaplains and his wife bought a boat and I tagged along on Labor Day. Megan video tapped a few of my attempts. The first time, I mostly got up. Second time, disaster. Third, got up for a bit, only I went to the right and Megan's camera went the other direction. This is my first attempt below.

Really, I cannot wait to try this again...I LOVED it and would LOVE to get good! The chaplain wake boarded and did all sorts of tricks...sign me up for that!
And here's my battle scar from skiing. ;) When I got back in the boat, I noticed my knee was stinging and when I looked down I notice I was bleeding. It just means I'm 'that' hardcore, ha.
Although lots of other things have been happening, I felt the need to catch up a little with my blogging. Last weekend Kristel came into Austin for our friend Britney's wedding. I'll post on that and other adventures later!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


A few weeks ago, I decided to google "how to do curly hair". You see, when I was young I had wavy hair. I then permed my hair from about 4th grade through the sophomore year of high school. Then my senior year, I cut my hair short...really short for a play. As my hair grew back out, it was curly, more curly than before. Not really knowing how to 'do' curly hair, I put product in it and went on about my life. Although it usually looked 'okay' I never realized the full potential of my curls.

So in my search for 'how to do curly hair' I discovered a great website with amazing resources for all types of curlies. I learned about hair type, curly type, texture, products, and more. It's an input's dream (I'm a secret input (on the strengths finder)). After reading and reading, I decided to try some of the techniques and tips. For those of you who don't know, I'm now a believer in the 'plop'.

Huh?! What is that, you ask!

Good question.

The plop, or plopping, is a technique where you wrap your hair in order to achieve curls.

In addition to trying the plop, I went out and bought some new product. The website had lots of recommendations including expensive items without silicones. (Side note: silicones are what build up in your hair and essentially keep moisture out of your hair...which it needs) However, the website also offered some inexpensive options as well.

Knowing that Sarah has been trying to do her hair curly more often, I directed her to the site. After discovering the great resource, we were out one night and made a pit stop at HEB to pick up some product.
Yep...that's some high quality low cost product we got there. LA Looks, it cost a whole $.99. Yep, it was normally $1.99 and we got $1 off coupons.

So I know it's ridiculous, but I am enjoying my curls! And yes, my curls still have a mind of their own, but they are tamed. The next step...find a hairdresser who has specialized in Waco, ha. Maybe I'll just have to make a trip to Austin.

In keeping with the ridiculousness of this post, here are some before and after pictures.

Before the plop
After the plop
And as silly as these pictures are...they are happy hair days! ;)
If you have naturally curly hair, I really do recommend you check out the site. It may change your hair life!

Until the next adventure...