Thursday, December 15, 2011

Disney World: Magic Kingdom

To me, magic kingdom is synonymous with disney world...apparently they aren't the same thing. :) While down for Stace & Andre's wedding, Jennifer and I went to disney.  It was a funfilled day.  I loved comparing it to disney land.  Here is my list of comparissions

  • Disney World's Cinderella's castle is much bigger, and much better 
  • Small world at Disneyland has a better storefront.  When you walk up to it at Disneyland it's a sight, but at World, it looks like any other random ride.
  • Disneyland has all the best rides in one park
  • If I had kids, I'd choose Disneyland over world (because you can walk out of the park, across the street to a hotel, take naps, etc) but Disney World you have to take the monorail, or boat, drive, etc, OR pay lots to stay closeby.
There are many other small differences, both are great experiences and now I can say I've been to both, woohoo.  Here are some fun pictures from the experience!

On our way to the Magic Kingdom!
 Cinderella's castle.
 We thought we were in line for the people mover, oops.
I LOVE the toy story ride! Ps. I beat Jennifer :)

 We met up with Stace & Andre later in the day!
 The castle lit up at night! It changed all sorts of colors!
 Oh I forgot, they STILL do the electrical light parade, it was AWESOME!
 I thought they would be all decorated for halloween, not really.
Had a blast with Jennifer and so excited to experience Disney World for the first time!  I cannot wait to return and try some of the other worlds.  I do have a few years left here, so hopefully I can make it down there again before I'm done with this PhD in Georgia!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Stacie & Andre's Wedding

I met Stacie back at Baylor, many many years ago.  And it was a joy to see her walk down the isle and marry Andre.  The weather in Florida was perfect, and the ceremony was wonderful.  I pray they honor each other and bring glory to God through their union.  Many blessings hoped for them!

Here are some pictures from the wedding.  I love watching the groom when the bride walks in, he had tears in his eyes :).
The ceremony was officiated by Stacie's friend Kelly.  "Out of 7billion people in this world, you two chose each other."  Chose, I love the purposefulness of the statement, of love, and of the ceremony.
I LOVE this picture as they walked down the isle as husband and wife.  :)
The first official announcement as they entered the reception.  
Some of you may have known, but just a two weeks before the wedding, Stacie's dad was hospitalized and in lots of pain.  After loads of tests, they didn't think he would be healthy enough to travel from Pennsylvania to the wedding in Florida.  Prayers went up around the country, and the world.  Just a few days before the wedding he was cleared to attend, and although he was in pain, he was determined to walk her down the isle and dance with her.  Even now, my eyes are filling with tears thinking about this.  As I was taking pictures as the wedding I began crying while they were dancing.  Her family are very precious people and I know how much it meant to Stacie to dance with her daddy.
Below is a picture of Christy, me, and Amy; all Baylor folk who were able to make it to the wedding.  Christy, Larry, and I actually drove down to the wedding together and stayed in a wonderful condo while in Florida.  Amy and her husband live on the other side of Atlanta, although I don't see them as often as I wished.  We had wonderful times laughing at the wedding and enjoying each others company.  What a great reason to all get together...only miles and miles away from home. 
 The Tietjen's with Stacie.
 Love my friend Stace!
 And last, but not least, the Correll-Hughes'
Again, the wedding was lovely and I pray their marriage will overflow with love, joy, and laughter! 

While we were down in Florida, I also got a chance to visit with Jennifer.  We went to Disney World, yep that's right.  And by Disney World, I mean Magic Kingdom

More to come.

Grandpa's Memorial

Ten days after surgery, I was on a plane to California for my grandpa's memorial service.  It was a lovely event with family and friends remembering my grandpa's life.  Here are some pictures from the event.
A memory table was created with all sorts of favorite things or found memories of (Wilbur) Paul Rhymes' life on earth.  What a blessing he was to his family and to others.  It was neat to explain all the items to various family and friends.  He was deeply loved.
For those who know my sister, she doesn't cry very often.  Thus, when it happens, I tried to catch it on film. :)  Love her.
Our dear family friends Deana and Jessica came up from Stockton for the memorial service.  Love these people, they really are like family!  My mom and Deana have been friends since they were pregnant with my sister and Jessica.
Look, you can't even tell that I had surgery 10 days ago.  I was exhausted but so grateful for the time with my family.
On my dad's side, my sister is the youngest cousin, on my mom's side, I'm the oldest...although not hard when there are only four on my mom's side ;)
It was neat to see how many of my grandma's family came for the service, they loved Paul as much as any of us.  My grandma is the one in purple.  LOVE her and can't wait to see her at Christmas!

Post Op

I realize it's been awhile since I posted...too long.  Yes I've recovered from surgery, thank you for all the thoughts and prayers. Surprisingly, it wasn't as bad as I anticipated. The worst parts were the first week, truly.  Between the gas they pumped into my body, and not really being able to sleep well...those were the worst.  However, full recovery did take quite some time. 

I could give you the nitty gritty of the surgery, what they found, etc.  But instead, I'll say that it wasn't cancer (praise the Lord) and that my community really came around me in amazing ways!  Here's the rundown of the ways that God blessed me! 

My friend Mallory took me to the hospital the morning of, and stayed with me all day and all night.  Two of my cohort members, Christa and Tiffany visited in the hospital that night.  Then Christy Correll-Hughes met me that morning, walked the halls with me trying to get the gas from surgery out from my shoulder blades (yeah, it's painful and odd), when I was released drove me home VERY carefully (you feel every bump and thump), and made sure I was set until Sarah came over.  Sarah Mudd, friend from Baylor who now lives in South Carolina drove down and spent the weekend with me!  Friends then brought me food every evening.  My cohort and advisor signed up for meals (sometimes twice a day).  The love and care I was shown was humbling.  I am blessed and so grateful! 

My sister joked that I was an office supply store after surgery.  At first I was stapled, then after they were removed it was replaced with glue and tape.  Here's a picture below of my staples.

Updates Coming!

Okay friends and family, for those of you who read my blog, I realize it's been WAY overdue for an update.  So I'm working on it today.  Be ready.  Lots of little updates... coming.your.way.