Thursday, October 25, 2012

Georgia Resident

Although this is a little past due, on June 30th I became an official Georgia resident (plates, license, and voter registration).


It was kind of funny because it took me over 3 hours to get my license.  They have an odd system in Georgia and depending on what activity you're there for (renewal, new, other) you have a different letter.  Each letter than corresponds to a few windows/counters.  So you'll hear B34 and then N231... and so on.  It's a little odd because you have no idea when you'll be called.  For example, my neighbor in waiting arrived an hour and forty five minutes into my wait, and yet got called in twenty minutes.

After getting my license I went to get my plate (just one) and waited a total of 12 minutes from the minute I walked in until I was leaving the building.


But now I am a Georgia resident; and I've even updated my plates (since you have to renew your tag on your birthday...who thought that was a good idea? I know it helps you remember but COME ON...what a lovely gift to yourself.  :/)

But now I'm just rambling.  Anyway, I'm happy I'm officially a Georgia resident and that I can vote in the November election (and not by absentee ballot).

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Doctoral Candidate!

Well, it's official, I passed the oral portion of my preliminary (or comprehensive) exams on Thursday, September 27th!

Here's how the defense went:
2:40pm: Arrived in Aderhold (the college of education)
2:45: listened to music
2:50: tried to take deep breaths
2:55: bathroom break
3pm: defense was about to begin
3:02: went to grab one of my committee members
3:05: all members arrived and discussed for a minute or two before they asked me to come in the room
3:06: my dissertation committee plus all the program faculty began going through my responses day by day and asking any questions they had
3:32: I finished answering all the questions and my advisor asked me to step out into the hallway
3:33: I pace (they talk)
3:35: Dr. Cooper (my advisor) steps out of the room and CONGRATULATES me as a doctoral candidate!
3:36: Celebration ensues!

So now, I'm a doctoral candidate and unofficially (ABD: all but dissertation).  Now give me a D-O-C-T

Now, working on the O-R :)