Saturday, November 24, 2007

north dakota! :)

So, my last few blogs have been about my thyroid, how boring?! Right? Well, how about this. Last weekend, my friend Stacie and I drove up to North Dakota...yeah that's right...North Dakota. We left on Thursday (EARLY) and drove up to Omaha Nebraska and stayed with some of her family. They were a hoot! we then drove up to Fargo, North Dakota on Friday...stayed there Friday night and drove back to Omaha on Saturday. And you guessed it...back to Waco on Sunday. It was a whirlwind trip, but it was fun. Neither of us had been to North Dakota and wanted to knock it off the list. And seeing as how neither of us (Lord willing) will live any closer to North Dakota then we presently do, we figured what better time. :) It was fun. Here are a couple pictures from the trip.

Isn't the 'fall' beautiful! :)

Stacie's Aunt and Uncle took us to the base nearby. Her Uncle was in the airforce for many many many moons!

And here it is, proof that I did indeed go to North Dakota...we actually crossed into North Dakota quiet a few times (our hotel was on the border of ND and MN). :)

Saturday, November 3, 2007

yet another visit

So on Monday, the 12th, I went back to the surgeon. He's decided enough is enough and he wants to remove the cyst and the right half of my thyroid. He wants to do this before Christmas, however, I have an appointment on December 5th with the endocrinologist (for a second opinion). All this to say, things are still pretty up in the air. I was really hoping and praying that draining it would take care of the problem. But ultimately he's concerned because it keeps coming back and apparently there is no absolute way to be sure that it's not cancerous unless you remove it. So...I'd appreciate your prayers for wisdom and guidance for the doctors as they try to figure this out and the same for me as I have to make decisions about surgeons, hospitals, etc, etc, etc. Thanks!