Saturday, December 12, 2009

Google Results

Did you know that google now posts twitter updates as part of a search? If you google Barack Obama or the Princess and the Frog (just the two I tried), about four results down you will get live updates of twitter posts.


I am very grateful to live in a technologically advanced society. I am grateful that I can get on a plane and fly almost anywhere. And I'm privileged to partake in these technological advances. However, there comes a point at which we are too plugged in.

Today I had a roommate conflict conversation about communication and texting. It's ridiculous to me that students use texting as there primary means of communicating with...their roommate!

This is just another reason, I'm remaining unplugged from the facebook frieze.

Ps have you noticed that google or googled no longer comes up as a misspelling? Facebook is next. ;)

That's enough ranting for now. I'm off to partake in the holiday festivities.

And no, I'm not getting rid of my iPhone, let's not take this to the extreme :)