Friday, August 19, 2011

Quick Update & Prayer Request

On Tuesday, I went to the doctor to have the MRI read.  To my surprise, the MRI revealed a cyst.  It's pretty amazing they found the cyst before it began causing me any pain (it's about 2.3 inches around) and a little shocking.  From there the doctors worked with me to scheduled ultrasounds and other appoitments to determine additional information.  After meeting with the obgyn, and after having the radiologist read the ultrasounds, they recommended I see a surgeon to have the cyst removed. 

Again, a bit of a shock.

But since Tuesday, I've had lots of people praying and I've had peace.  The doctors are pretty confident it's benign, although it is an unusual type of cyst.  I have an appointment scheduled for the 30th with a surgeon.  Depending on the type of surgery it's a 2-4 week recovery.  It's very inconvinient, but what a blessing that it was found before it caused pain or worse...burst. 

Please pray for my appointment on the 30th, that the less invasive procedure is an option or surgery, that it can be done quickly (as the semester will get more complicated), and that God will use this to bring him glory in some way. 

There are so many ways I've seen God go ahead of me in this situation already.  This is no surprise to Him even if it was to me!

Magnificent Massage

After a long academic year, I knew I needed a break, and I had been talking about getting a massage for awhile.  I looked into many places.  The health center would do an hour massage for $50...great price, but not the experience.  For my first massage, I wanted the experience!  So then I began looking for day spas.  These massages began to run $90-100.  The price made me more convinced that I wanted my money's worth.  I found the Chateau Elan.  It's a local winery with a hotel and separate spa. I was sold when I found out that when you get a service there, you can use any of the facility for free.  

The options included:
a workout facility 
fitness classes
hot tub
robes & sandals
pool with jets for swimming
afternoon tea and snacks
showers with all the necessities
and all the little extras that made it special

The massage itself was wonderful...although with the way my back was hurting she could have spent the entire time on my back and I would have been a happy camper.  The room was softly lit, quiet instrumental music, the bed heated from beneath me, and after the massage I sat in a quiet reflection room with dim lighting, flickering candles, wonderful lounge chairs and warm blankets.
I made a day of the experience and it was lovely.  AND just what I needed, a day of quiet relaxation and pampering.  I wanted to go around and take pictures of the place but thought it would be odd, so I took a few when I could. ;)
The grounds were beautiful and overlooking a small lake.  It was a much needed day.  Although I will probably supplement my experience with some trips to the health center, I will return and treat myself to another day of pampering!

Friday, August 12, 2011


Back in October, my mom came to visit.  On a three hour car ride, I noticed my bum began hurting.  Figuring it was probably just from spending too much time in the car I paid little attention.  As the month went on, and the pain continued, I scheduled an appointment with the doctor.  The woman said there wasn't much they could do and sent me home with some drugs.

Skip forward to June when my bum was still hurting.  Yeah, pain in the butt...literally.

So my new doctor at the University Health Center (Joy Ford...who is awesome!) recommended I see a specialist.  Of course, nothing is just that easy...right?!  Unfortunately, Joy recommended I see a specific doctor and the administrative woman made the appointment...with the WRONG doctor.  But I didn't realize that, until I was back in Joy's office for a torn ligament in my toe.  Yes friends, I tore a ligament in my toe by tripping on my pajama bottoms.  But that's another story.  Back to the bum.  After seeing the wrong doctor (a physical therapist), Joy set up an appointment for me with Dr. Doerr, a back, spine, and neck specialist.  

I saw him a couple weeks ago.  He is...quirky, but thorough.  After looking at the xrays, he decided we needed more information.  The exam revealed my tailbone is sensitive, and the xrays show my lowest disk may be smaller than should be.  Either may be causing my pain, thus he scheduled me for a pelvic MRI.  Its kind of like a buy one MRI get one free...we'll get more detailed pictures of both my lowest disk and my tailbone.

So the MRI.

I have had lots of friends who've had MRI's before and everything they told me was...not like my experience.  They took me to a private dressing area and handed me a set of scrubs (much nicer than the hospital gown).  Additionally, I was allowed to keep on any clothing that didn't have metal.  Honestly, getting my cartilage piercing out may have been the worst part of the whole thing.  :)  That or just trying to remain still through the loud clicking and beeping.  But really, they did everything to make the experience comfortable.  They allowed me to keep all my things in the room (locked with my own key), gave me ear plugs, offered me a blanket, gave me a pillow for under my head and knees...during one of the tests, the sound was kind of white noise like...and I could have probably gone to sleep if that test hadn't been one of the shortest.

The whole thing lasted about 45 minutes and I'll go back to Dr. Doerr next week to have the MRI read and discuss options.

Until the next update.