Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bucket List...of sorts

Awhile ago I began thinking about what all I wanted to do, or things I hand't done before I left Texas. A couple weeks ago during a candidate dinner, a few of us were chatting about the list. They began deeming the list...the bucket list. Someone kindly reminded them I wasn't dying, but rather leaving Texas. I suppose some die hard Texans would equate those two. Anyway, here is a list things I want to do before I leave this grand state.

Take pictures in the blue bonnets (check)
Take pictures around Baylor (I really want to create the word remember from pictures of things around Baylor that will remind me of these last 5 years...if you've ever seen these done, they're pretty neat)
Tortilla tossing
Visit Independence, Texas
Eat in Brooks College Dinning Hall (I haven't done that this entire year)
Visit Mozarts...again
Picture with the random gorilla on Austin Ave
Picture with the catfish truck on MLK
Eat at Viteks, although I don't know that I can do a gut pack...eeeewww
Kayak the brazos
Paint a coffee mug at practically pikaso

But I'm also taking suggestions...anything else I should add to my list?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blue Bonnets

Blue bonnets are Texas State flower and every spring they pop up in patches. They can be found on the side of the highway, in front yards, almost anywhere there is grass. These flowers are so prized that if they grown in your front yard, you have to mow around them. They are beautiful flowers, but frankly, I think they are a bit over dramatized.

However, taking pictures in blue bonnets is the thing to do. And so, after living in Texas for almost five whole years, I finally took some pictures in these lovely flower beds. It was a bit awkward, especially as a grown adult, but fortunately, I made my friend Megan Baldree go too. Okay...truth...we stumbled upon them going to the lake and I coerced her into stopping to take pictures :)
This patch was right near the lake entrance. Strangely enough, this couple pulled off to the side of the road to ask if we wanted a picture together (picture above). It was nice. I do enjoy the hospitality of the south, especially in small towns. I also enjoy self portrait pictures and have become fairly good at taking them (below).
As we were getting ready to enter the freeway to head home, we found another large patch of blue bonnets and couldn't resist taking yet another self portrait. In this bunch were also Indian paintbrushes...I know, not culturally sensitive, but that's what they're called.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Packing (stage I)

Well, it's begun. In July I will transition to Georgia to begin my PhD (stage III (ish)). But for now I begin stage I, packing to move to my temporary Baylor apartment. On May 16th I will be moving I to a temp spot until I leave in July. This is necessary in order to start construction for the new faculty in residence apartment and other renovations. So why am I starting to pak already, you might be asking?! Here is a run down of events leading up to the end of the school year.

May 11th: end of year celebration that my committee has programmed
May 12th: building closes at 6pm for student not graduating
May 13th-16th: perform end of year closedown responsibilities
May 16th: move with assistance from Baylor movers hopefully :) and
make sure all closedown items are done!
May 17th: leave for Cabo!

And no I'm no joking about Cabo. :) it's going to be great. However,
there are so many things o do in closing down a building AND
additional things to do because of the construction that I'd like to
have all my personal packing done by May 10th.'s a picture from the beginnings of stage I.