Monday, May 10, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Office Hours

It's hard to hold normal office hours when your office looks like
this. I can't take much more of the chaos. I don't know about you, but
I'm one that if my home (and preferably also my office) are organized
and clean, I can take on the world. But right now, I'm fighting the
disaster...and it's winning.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Moving across the country (or world) can be a stressful ordeal. There is usually a laundry list of things to do prior to moving. Here are some of the things on my list, in no particular order.

Get boxes
Sort through everything I own!
Move (to another apt on campus)
Look for roommate
Find apartment
Choose which large items go to Athens with me
Have a garage sale (this Saturday!)
Plan move
Rent moving trailer

...and another laundry list of things to get ready for school. Anyway, I had been looking for a roommate for awhile with little success. I had even become started looking online for a roommate. Yes, it's probably a bit like online dating only MORE commitment. If you agree to 'be with them' you're committed to a lease...for a year. There were plenty of 19 year old females who wanted to be my roommate and even a 46 year old male. He didn't make the cut, he's a smoker.

After lots of thought and prayers I decided to look into on-campus housing, at least for my first year. The prices were decent enough but come with the perks of proximity to campus, cable (although I don't want much TV), internet, water, garbage, etc. Although it doesn't include electricity, they own their own meters and so electric is a reduced rate.

However, after calling UGA they seemed to think all their apartments had already come available and been spoken for. They simply told me to watch, wait, and stalk the site for openings. As luck would have it, an apartment became available later that day...but alas, when I went to claim it, the site said no records found.

So I did what any sane individual would do, I kept refreshing the page over and over again in hopes that my fate would change. It didn't.

The next morning, I called UGA at 7:07 my time. After stating my plight, the man on the other end said that the system only refreshes itself so often and someone must have snuck in and nabbed it before I did. Okay, well, he didn't say it quite like that but close.

After going about my morning and talking with a colleague about it, we devised a plan. I was going to ask my family to stalk the site as well as have some of my students keep an eye out.

Unfortunately, my plan did not get implemented.

An hour and half after having the conversation with my colleague I was online and securing my spot in UGA campus housing. Thank you Lord! It was the price I was looking for, has carpet, and is on the first floor.

Again, thank the Lord! What a blessing to have this item off my checklist.

I will be moving into my new home on July 14th.