Saturday, October 20, 2007

Late Posting

I went to the doctor the other day and got some great news…the cyst was indeed just that, a thyroid colloid nodule (cyst). Praise the Lord, what great news! In the same appointment, I also found out that the cavity is filling again, meaning, the cyst is back. What the dr hopes is that if we drain it a few more times, it will eventually stop filling and we can avoid surgery. My question is why is my thyroid doing this in the first place…so I hope to see and endocrinologist (thyroid specialist) and see what she recommends. Maybe his try it and see is the best course of action. Anyway, all that to say, although I am not excited about the thought of having my neck poked with needles again and again, I am very thankful that there were no abnormalities with the fluid…again, thank the Lord! Thank you for all your prayers!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Today's Highlights!

I just wanted to share the highlights of my day (thus far) with you!

Beginning with last week:
On Wednesday, the referral specialist called me with an appointment with a surgeon (Dr. Turney). The appointment was scheduled for this morning at 10am. When I called the surgeons office to get directions, I asked how long the procedure (FNA test) would take. She assured me that it would simply be a consultation. Not having full confidence in her or her ability to determine if it would be a consultation or FNA test, I called back the next day. That day, I spoke with another woman who also assured me that it was just a consultation. (uh huh…)

So today:
Karen Hall (one of the other hall directors) accompanied me to the appointment, in order to insure I was well taken care of; just in case they decided to start sticking me with needles. So we get there around 10, after having a little driving tour of another medical building. I begin filling out endless paperwork signing away my life.

At 10:50 we finally head back to see the doctor. As standard procedure goes, they take my weight, temperature, and of course, my blood pressure. The nurse straps on the cuff and it tightens. The pressure begins to release and…just kidding, tightens again…and again…and again. Four attempts on the right arm and three on the left and we finally have a blood pressure rate!

After going into the room, we wait again. The doctor finally comes in at 11:10ish. At that point he looks at my neck, feels around, and bluntly states that he will be performing the FNA test today. So sure enough, I panic a little. He tries to be very calming but he obviously doesn’t know my distaste for needles! He assures me it’s only going to feel like a prick and is trying to keep me occupied while they get the supplies ready. I lay back on the table and close my eyes trying to focus on my breathing and Karen’s jokes. As the doctor approaches the table he begins talking to me again at which point I opened my eyes…yikes…I looked at the doctor holding a needle in his hand. As Karen informed me later, that was only the numbing needle. Needless to say I kept my eyes closed for the rest of the procedure. So…it wasn’t the end of the world, however, definitely tricked, I felt the other (much larger needle according to Karen) go into my neck and stay there. The good news is that the lump is gone. He decided to drain the entire cyst at once. The bad news was that while they were draining the cyst, the vile filled and I had to sit and wait (with the needle in my neck) while the nurse prepared another vile to drain the remainder of the cyst. After all was said and done I took a look at the lovely liquid drained. It was brown black…which apparently is a good thing.

So now what?! I have to go back on Thursday, October 18th for a follow up…which hopefully means just that. At that time, they should also have the results and let me know how to proceed. I ask that you continue to pray for peace as I wait for these test results (more waiting, woohoo). And I thank you all for your prayers during this time.