Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 21: Professional Enrichment

I realize I'm very far behind in uploading my photo a day.  Although I've been good about actually taking photos, and mostly good about sending them to blogger (you can email photos to your blog, it's cool)...I haven't been good about actually uploading them to my site.  The goal is to get caught up with the photos.  In that effort, there may not be as extensive of descriptions as would otherwise have been...but if I can finally get my blog caught up, certain individuals who shall remain nameless can stop pestering me about it ;)  In all joking, I'm thankful for friends and family who take the time to keep up with my life through this venue.
We had our student affairs development one day conference this week.  Dr. Margret (Peggy) Barr came and spoke.  Not only was she a fantastic scholar and professional in student affairs...she's hilarious.  She sang us a song she wrote about the Vice President of Student Affairs blues.  She had the audience rolling!

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